Academic Expectations for the week of May 11, 2015



This week we will complete our collaborative projects and move on to study world artists. This will include the work of Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera. Student grades this week will come from written responses.








7th- Students will spend the first part of the week reviewing for Social Studies T-Cap and the last part reviewing the French Revolution.

8th- Students will spend  the first part of the week reviewing for Social Studies T-Cap and the last part covering the build up to the Civil War.






We are just a few short days from the end of this year. I can’t believe it! Your students had a great time last week working with budgets by planning their dream vacations. This week will we do similar projects and play some fun math games. Your students will also take a short 8th grade diagnostic test. This is mostly to introduce your students to the new concepts they will see in the 8th grade. It will be a crazy week with the social studies pilot test, blue ribbon walk and Spring Sting, but it will be fun and I hope to enjoy these last two weeks with this great group!




In ELA this week, students will create outlines, rough drafts, and visual aids for an upcoming project (students may choose a demonstration speech or powerpoint music presentation). We will also begin Literature Circle novels and assignments connected to each novel.

Students will complete INDEPENDENT READING: Each nine weeks, students are asked to complete independent reading in addition to reading completed in class. At the end of the nine weeks, students will present these books to the class through a public speaking assignment. The third nine weeks, students are required to read 1 historical fiction book (must be 6.0 reading level or higher). While reading, they will research the historical events from the story (must use at least 2 sources). These will be presented in speech format. Each 2-3 minute speech will provide information about the topic as well as a summary of the book. Students are also required to prepare a handout for the class stating the historical background of the book (they may want to use a timeline, flowchart, list, etc.).  The handout must contain MLA source citations (typed as footnotes). These must be presented by the end of the nine weeks grading period.


TEST ALERT:        Demonstration Speech OR Music PowerPoint due Monday, May 11th







Students will continue learning how to solve and graph inequalities this week. They will have a test on Wednesday. Math Journals will also be taken up on Wednesday.



Students will work on a college workbook project this week. It is due Wednesday.